Glass Like No Other

Freedom of design within safe limits – glass properties enable a completely flush exterior, unlike any other form of glazing

Frameless bolted glass structural systems offer architects and specifies opportunities for creating original designs in glass, in any plane from vertical through to horizontal in single glazed, double glazed and laminated versions.

Fibreglass is also becoming increasingly popular, read here for the development of fibreglass

All About Glass Servicing:

Glass is used for an endless amount of products and materials, due to the properties making it easily changeable to any consistency etc.

Below are some of the options and ways of making glass manufacturable:

Glass Forming:

  • Glass conditioning
  • Parison / gob forming
  • Forehearth systems
  • Forehearth controls
  • Feeder systems
  • Metering spout systems
  • Shear systems

Glass Container Forming:architecture-glass

  • IS Machines,
  • NIS Machines,
  • Blow Moulding,
  • Moulds,
  • Servo Plungers,
  • Servo Invert Mechanisms,
  • InVerti-flow Blank Mould Cooling systems,
  • Verti-flow Mould Cooling Systems,
  • Blow & Blow (B&B),
  • Press & Blow (P&B),

Glass Container Inspection:

  • Bottle inspection,
  • Quality assurance systems,
  • Check detectors,
  • Combined inspection machines,
  • Gagers, squeeze testers
  • Vision inspection