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Tips for Choosing Your Automatic Door Contractor

Automatic Doors Advice

Automatic doors are in almost every commercial building around the globe. Electric doors are extremely convenient for workers, visitors and customers. Also, control and accessibility are just some of the reasons why they are so popular.

We highly recommend Erreka Automatic Doors. Not only do they manufacture the products, they also install automatic doors across the UK and Ireland, as well as shop fronts and entrance screens. In addition to this, they are members of the ADSA, which is the Automatic Door Suppliers Association.

Erreka Automatic Doors has worked for a number of clients, including Alliance Homes who are based in Bristol.

Types of Automatic Doors

Swinging doors

Typically found in areas where directional traffic is present and are easy to operate manually.

Sliding doors

Frequently used in directional traffic and you also have the option of telescopic, parting or single sliding.

Revolving doors

This is the best choice for high traffic areas. Users can exit and enter easily without waiting for other people.

There are a range of benefits of choosing automatic doors. Read this article.

Choosing a Contractor


We suggest that you ask for recommendations from previous clients and reputable sources when looking for a contractor. You can also ask friends and family for recommendations and are normally the primary sources of this information.

Online reviews are a great source of information as you will be able to see what their customers thought in various areas of their work. Websites include Trust Pilot.


Before committing to a contractor, you should carry out the necessary research on industry prices. Having this knowledge means you can choose the most affordable contractor, depending on your budget. Having a budget in mind will make it easier to negotiate and find an ideal team.